Friday, May 06, 2011


I don't know how I screwed up so bad but I sure did.
Here is the original painted whole cloth quilt and next to it is the pieced big daddy. Before I get into the screw up, check out how different the colors are
when it is up on a sliding glass door with light pouring in the back of it. You would never guess that the colors were light lime and tan and almost white. The light changes everything. Now, back to the debacle.

When I first finished with the piecing, I took that first picture and thought it looked great. Then when I took it down I realized that the top of the quilt and the bottom were not straight;that is to say the quilt was not straight within the quilt. If you look closely at the first picture of the bigger quilt, the top verticals and the bottom verticals are not the same. The pattern kept falling off the window because I was using painters tape to hold it up and after time passed and the sun beat on the glass, it kept falling down. My only guess is when I completed the bottom applique and rehung the pattern under the top piece, that it somehow went up ever so slightly crooked and just a little off, nothing that I noticed while sewing, but it sure made a big difference.

I went so far as to put a yarn plum line on the design wall and then with my very long ruler and a level and realized how off my work turned out to be. This picture shows the carnage better than this next one because I had the ruller on the outside in this one and it was on the
inside of this side, meaning the ruler is flush on the bottom and covering the 'off' part under the ruler. You can see some of the very top sticking out. It's two inches off this right side because the ruler is two inches wide. The left side is off even more. That means that I have to cut a total of five inches from part of the quilt. I considered adding on to the left side so that the two quilts would be identical but then thought better of it when I realized I would have all those add on seams to contend with, quilting wise.
I ended up making a big slice in the green and the beige (you can see them between the circles vertically) and taking out some of the fabric to straighten it. I am pleased with the result but still hate more than anything to cut away on the parameter of a quilt where I have to cut off work that I took time to do. Okay Tommy, get over it.

It is pinned for quilting and my goal is to finish quilting it before I pack up my gear to go home. I'll let you know how I progress.

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Gayle from MI said...

What a great solution to the problem. It is at this point most of my UFO's are born!