Thursday, May 05, 2011

Peg Leg

This birthday season is reeking havoc with my waistline. I have been going out for dinners and lunches and it's got to stop! Oh well, I will be on the road for two days in two days so I guess I will succumb to the season. I will play catch up when I get home.

We have the first gray skies we have had in awhile and a nice breeze so the house is opened up for the moment. And that could change in a minute.
Miss Bella has taken to relaxing in any old container she can find with enough wiggle room to fit herself into. She is also suffering from some itching spell and I can't quite figure it out. I have bathed her twice and she doesn't have fleas but something is bothering her. Yesterday she licked her back paw so much that I had to take drastic measures.
I had to swab it with hydrogen peroxide and add some neosporin and construct a little doggie sock for her so she would leave it alone. She looks like she has a peg leg. She is doing nicely with it and hopefully this will give the foot time to rest from persistent licking.
I am feverishly working on my last quilt that I wanted to finish before I head north. The larger rendition of 'The Eyes Have It' needed to be drawn up on two big sheets of paper because
the utility door that I use to project on is too small. Doing it in two parts was no big deal.
When both sides were drawn I taped it together and then redrew the part that overlapped. And it already has a name, 'What Big Eyes'. I have also renamed the large 'Hill and Dale' to reflect my love for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (did I just say that?). It will now have the name of 'Mountain and Roy'. Much more fitting than random Steve, I'm a thinkin'.

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I think someone is missing the boat selling doggie habitats!
When I was at my friends house the other night Mr. Wiggins (their dog) enjoyed spending his time in a container just like Bella is in.
His blankie and toys were in their with him.