Monday, May 23, 2011


Now with the weekend over, I plan on plunging in to finishing what I started. But first, I wanted to show you a couple new items that were worked on this past weekend.
These are little shoes that Anne made for her new granddaughter. She is a preemie and so she reduced the pattern of size extra small slippers 85% to fit the baby's little feet. That is a quarter to show you how tiny they are. The smaller the shoe, the harder the seams are to sew.
My sis Mike came with these blocks but was ready to scrap them because she wasn't feeling any connection and so we all suggested that she put the lightest color around each block as sashing and then take the other colors and add them to the borders. Now she is in love with it! She will be coming next weekend for the holiday and plans on quilting it and finishing it up.

Being the hostess, and even though the girls are very self sufficient after all these years, I still have to get this and do that and seem to get sidetracked very easily. I managed to get my weekend work just far enough
to start the quilting. That will get done today and hopefully I can show you the finished work before it gets shipped off to Pennsylvania to adorn the brand new baby cousin, Javier. The colors were given to me as the baby's nursery colors. It looks better when it is upright. You will see that soon.

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