Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Royal Foil

My whole day yesterday was spent on thinking about Bin Laden. That and the Royal Wedding (still!)
The reason for all the royal thinking is the sadness I have that my niece, Beatrice, didn't find her crown until after the festivities. Hence the sour puss.

I was hashing over the wedding with my Maria (after all the Violet updates were exchanged)
(speak of the devil-with dots and a headband!)
and she started to say what a garish dress Diana wore as compared to Kate. I tried to explain that it was appropriate for the times, all the while thinking 'I designed my Maggie's first communion dress after Lady Di's wedding dress'. I thought, 'Should I tell her?' Better yet, I
rummaged through the pictures and found my precious angel on her
special day. She will never forgive me for the perms I gave her. But I still think she looked
pretty darn cute as she upstaged the Princess of Wales at age seven.

Oh hell, let's throw in one more picture of my dearest.

Violet can upstage them all!


Anonymous said...

Maggie looked adorable and the dress was a very good knock off! I'd much prefer to watch days of the Royal Wedding coverage than all the gruesome Bid Laden stuff!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Both your girls look adorable!

spikemuffin said...

Personality emerging from Violet, beautiful. Happy Birthday Tommy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy, and to be blessed with a granddaughter; Life is sweet, indeed.

Maggie (daughter) said...

Happy Birthday Mom!
I will always hate the perms, but I will always love that dress. It was and still is the best First Communion dress.

kirwin said...

She has to be cuties baby I have ever seen. Good genetics!