Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Happy Happy Peggy and Frank.

The following statement was what I wrote in my blog on April 30 in regards to the Royal Wedding.

My only comment on the whole wedding was that it was perfect in every way except for the Queen wearing that atrocious yellow (on purpose), Fergie's daughters (they need style consultants) and Pippa, the sister of the bride, looked better than the bride (in my humble opinion).
Look who seems to agree. Maybe I should rethink my career choice. Paparazzi may be in my future!

When I started to tackle the new resist pieces for quilting I started with this one in the front. It is now quilted and in the process of being faced. I was getting another piece layered and pinned for quilting and thought that I may as well do them all at the same time. They are small and all will need to start out with reinforcing white stitching so why change the thread. I like to have hand work at night so this is right up my alley. I will then start to make pieced replicas. It's so fun; you need to try it!


spikemuffin said...

That Bitch!

Anonymous said...

I think the tabloids are looking for someone to replace Paris Hilton and they might have found her.

Buckingham Palace described her as a glittering disco ball who is going to bring the Royals shame! Funny, the Royals seem to do a good job at that themselves.

BUT, don't be surprised if she meets the same fate as Diana.