Thursday, May 19, 2011

Standing In Line

I didn't get much accomplished yesterday. Mostly I felt sorry for myself because my month long cold decided to lodge in my chest and made for very little movement. I ended up going to Urgent Care and am now on the 'z' pack of antibiotics. One day of medication has already helped. Unfortunately, today Bella has to go to the groomer and I have to go two hours away for my regularly scheduled body check for the irritating basil, squamous, and melanoma cells that like to show up on my body parts. There is nothing like having to get naked in a freezing room for a thirty year old doctor to see that my feet have turned purple in the 'short' wait I have had in the little cubicle. I so look forward to this.
I did manage to complete the trim (facing and sleeve) work while on my duff on
the first of the new resist pieces. This work has grown on me and I am really happy with its looks. As I have said, I find the resist very liberating. I plan on doing a larger version with hand dyed fabric pieced as I have done with the others. It measures in at 28 x 20 and I am going to call it 'The Queue'.

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Robbie said...

I think we just need to call you the 'Resist Queen'!! All of your pieces are just great!!!