Friday, May 27, 2011

There Was A Crooked

It was a yucky grey drizzly day yesterday when I headed to the hand surgeon. These are my constant companions
for a good twenty miles. We went from three lanes to two lanes and just up ahead, we all got very cozy while we went down to one lane. It was so slow going that I had plenty of chances to get out my camera but unfortunately the scenery didn't change.
I even got to the appointment on time, even with a little trip to my old neighborhood which was minutes away; both places in Joliet. I will go down memory lane tomorrow. I got stuff to do today. I sat staring at this reception area for quite awhile and then proceeded to xray and my little cubicle.
I had time to do some hand homework. Exciting stuff. My doc came in and was a very likable guy; so much so that I consented to having him slice my finger open and remove the tendon threatening glob under what he called 'thin skin'! How insulting!! Isn't that something that old people suffer from? The knob formulated from burrs from arthritis or something like that. Even though it came out of no where in the last couple months, el doctoro said that it was quite large and any bigger and it would be difficult to heal. It can come back and with my luck it will, with family members joining my other knots, knobs and globs on the other fingers. I love growing old.


kay said...

Tommy, did you grow up in Joliet?

spikemuffin said...

I saw Alien too. Great movie but messy.