Friday, May 13, 2011

Seeing Stars

Blogger went out yesterday morning just about when I left for the doctor and then proceeded to take the post out too. I was not singled out; all bloggers were blocked and their Thursday blog removed only to return this afternoon.

So, I went to the doctor and all I have to do unless my symptoms get worse is to return in two months and eliminate anything strenuous and do no lifting of anything heavy. So that makes me wonder if I can hold little Violet tomorrow. She is probably up to 16 lbs. by now. This is what the doctor said basically.
When the vitreous gel shrinks ( that stuff behind the lens that is contained in the round back of the eye) and separates from the retina, it causes floaters and flashes.Floaters are spots, specks, and lines that float through your field of vision. Flashes are brief sparkles or lightning streaks that are most easily seen when your eyes are closed. They often appear at the edges of your visual field. Floaters and flashes do not always mean that you will have a retinal detachment.

My friend Judy sent me this via email.

I saw strobing lights too, almost like lightning when I would turn my head. Eye doctor told me to come down immediately and this was on New Years Eve. Apparently it can mean your retina is going to detach, or you have a tear in your retina. If you add the "dots" that is supposed to be worse. Long story short- I strobed for a month, they never saw a tear and it gradually went away. My girlfriend started doing this, and her retina was tearing so they put her right in for surgery. The "lightning" will ebb and flow for a while.
The doc said unfortunately it's an age thing and like everything else, the eyes are drying up too! I didn't need to hear that!

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dee said...

Thanks for the update Tommy. I have had this happening on and off for a few months. Just thought it was stress. Made an appointment to see the Dr. Next week. It's been really affecting my ability to sew and draw to the point where I have avoided doing both . Hope I get some good answers.
Hope you have a geat visit with Violet.