Monday, June 06, 2011

Baby Love

I went to a baby shower yesterday. I made this
quilt in the baby's colors. It is the grand daughter of my BFF Anne and her name is Zoey. She was born early but is out of the hospital and doing wonderful. She is a beautiful tiny little thing. Zoey's mom is on the shy side so the shower invite said to not wrap the gifts (green too!) and they would just be on display for all to see, but she didn't have the opening ceremony, common at most showers.
I 'wrapped' her quilt in rafia and recycled the invite as a card. I thought they would give me kudos for that.
Here are the two tables that held
baby bootie. I took these pictures right away and believe me, the stash grew much larger later.
They had lots of blank baby things and all sorts of stamps, and die cutters, paint, fabric
for anyone that wanted to be creative. My quilter friends and my sister joined me in creating some fun stuff. Anne brought along scissors, needles, ribbons and all the stuff we would need to make our creations.
Anne had the shoes that we were playing around with a couple weeks ago at my house with fabric to match
I made decorated sox and a hat to match the animal print pink and black shoes.
Jean Ann dolled up this darling sweater and the onsie next to it was made by Zoeys aunt.
Peggy did a onsie that was bright and clever.
This bib was a collaboration of a few gals.
I 'tarted' up this cotton sweater with some boa ribbon and ribbons and bows at the wrist.
My sis did this precious bib.
Last but not least was another onsie collaboration. Tomorrow will be the amazing food. I am late for a very important date!


Gayle from MI said...

I bought that pattern the last time you showed it. I made it for my niece who had a baby in May. She loved it. Thanks again for the inspiration.

Carolyn said...

I love that baby quilt pattern. What is it called and where can I find it?