Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All Turned Around

This replication is probably the farthest off in color of any that I have done.
Here is the newly completed appliqued 'Grownup Candyland' which measures in at 32 x 32 as compared to the original, 'Candyland'
that was a mere 12 inch square. The colors are way off and now I can understand why. This is the only original painted quilt that I don't have. All of the others were on sight and I literally carried them around to match the fabric as close as possible. I just compared this photo to the one that SAQA used for its publication, and this color is a bit off. The original was brighter.
More to the point, 'Grownup Candyland' is much more edgy and better looking than my photo suggests. I may have to wait for a nicer day to photograph it.

Next up? Copying 'All In A Row'. I had this hanging up yesterday and was very happy with it's progress and all of a sudden

I looked closer and realized that I must have turned the acetate backwards on the projector because the stepping stones are backwards. I gave starting over some thought and then nixed that; too much work has already been done and anyway, it won't make a particle of difference in the overall feel of the work.

None of the pieces I am doing up north will be as accurate in color as the original painted ones because I don't have half the dyed fabric here as I do in Florida and I don't dye here because I am on septic. Anyway, my exact accuracy is not my intent. I adore the process.


dee said...

Loving Grown up Candyland soooo much. The colors are yummy and it makes me smile every time I see it.

Violet makes me smile too. What a gorgeous child.

Anonymous said...

Your Grown Up Candyland reminds me of pinball. . . the paddle like thingys that you whack to smack the ball back up? Just a thought. . .

judy said...

Tommy what does the dye do to a septic system?

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Yes what does dye do to a septic.
I am on septic too.