Monday, June 20, 2011

Food For Thought

I took the weekend off of blogging. I didn't start out planning it that way but one thing lead to another and that's what I did. The kids were all here and we had lots of stuff planned. Food preparation mainly.
Speaking of food, here's one young lady that hasn't missed a meal. She is modeling a hat I made for her that was supposed to be her size but fit her mother much better. She was a very willing
model though. All the while Violet was trying on stuff, her mother was busy in the kitchen, assembling the ingredients for ribs that she was going to make. I was more than a little
surprised when I saw the amount of ingredients it took. The process was long and I stayed out of the kitchen. They were first baked in the oven and then finished off in the grill. They turned
out to be a big crowd pleaser.

Let's get back to the chick. It was day two of having her first solid food (consisting of rice cereal and milk.)
She fit pretty snugly into her little table top high chair. I think her mom was giving her instructions because she was paying very rapt attention.
Grandpa got the honors of starting the feeding but quickly got bored with it and left the matter to me, while he chose golf on tv instead.
Violet's dad even got into the cooking frenzy. He decided he wanted to show his famous beer in the chicken. He covered a sheet pan with foil and with a concoction of spices he brought from home, he rubbed the inside and out of a whole chicken. He put some spices in the can which was filled half way with beer and proceeded to stick the chicken on the can. We had to use a coke can replaced with beer because we only had bottled beer. It looks like the chicken is sitting on a stool.
Now he looks more like he is sitting on the pot. He went into the oven for a little over an hour at 350ยบ. He was sinfully good.


Anonymous said...

Violet is just adorable! Can't wait to get me one of those!!


dee said...

She gets cuter every day. Beer can chicken is a big favorite around here. It's so moist now no one wants it from the oven anymore. Glad you had a super Violet weekend.

Robbie said...