Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Love A Full House!

Our little Violet is already a brainiac like her dad and mom. She likes her library books

the very best. It's a bit difficult for me to see the white tags on the books ( I am very anal about tags and stickers staying on things) but it appears that she likes them as much as checking out the pages. I think she looks like her mom in this photo. I took this picture last weekend at her house. She is lying on an alphabet quilt that G's mom made for Peter when he was a baby, which makes it thirty three years old. It is totally hand quilted. She actually took up quilting due to my obsession with it. Come to think of it, so did my mom. Usually it's the other way around.

My weekend menu has grown a bit. The minute I start to look at cookbooks I know I am in trouble. I have already made banana bread, strawberry bread and oatmeal raisin cookies. Dinner tonight is a fennel, jicama and beet salad with a macadamia nut vinaigrette, along with grilled garlic ciabatta and a fresh herb pasta. Cookies and ice cream for dessert maybe. Tomorrow 's dinner has changed from the first plan because I can't find veal that isn't ground. I am switching to chicken and it will be just as good. I am doing a pistachio roll with crisp baked fingerling potatoes topped with horseradish dressing and a crab avocado starter. Oh, and grilled asparagus. Saturday is turkey burgers with lots of stuff to put on it and four side salads: roasted potato salad, peggy's tortellini grape salad, KFC coleslaw (that I stole the recipe when I worked there at 15) and an eggplant tomato tian with fresh cheese. Sunday will mostly be taken up with the 12 dozen hotdogs that will be consumed at the beach and Monday? Not there in my brain yet.

It's time to change the flags from raspberry, yellow and turquoise to RED WHITE and BLUE. I feel like singing the star spangled banner right about now. It's too bad I can't carry a tune.

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Karen said...

I can't look at your Granddaughter without thinking about Charlie Brown and his "red-haired girlfriend". She is so precious. As for the menu's, well, so ambitious is all I have to say. One sounds yummier than the next! Have a great weekend.