Sunday, June 05, 2011

I Was Floored

My BFF Jayne and her husband Rich came for the weekend to see the show and spend some quality time with G amd me. Saturday morning dawned and I asked Jayne what she wanted to do for the bulk of the day (the guys were already golfing by then) thinking a ladies lunch and some quality shopping at the near by outlets were in the offing. No, that was not what she had in mind. She wanted to cook. Yep, cook, or rather prepare lots of apps for her upcoming deluge of company coming from the Orient around the fourth of July. So I got out my favorite recipes and we made a shopping list. Jayne chose to make the freeze ahead types of appetizers and on her list were mini beef wellingtons, garlic cheese puffs, mini burgers, crab mac and cheese, and mini rueben's. Off to the store we went.

At ten thirty in the morning the manic cooking began. We ended the day with Jayne assembling ( I finally realized that I needed some documentation!)
the last of the mini burgers, having already finished all the others, including a quick tutorial on making mini pizzas (which we ate).
It was unlike any day I have ever spent with anyone other than my daughter. No one puts themselves in harms way like that. Jayne found it a bit grueling but was a trouper through out.

At one point I was running out so oven space and chose to have the mini hamburger rolls proof on the kitchen floor just under an open, cooling off hot oven. I looked over occasionally to make sure it wasn't of interest to Bella and saw no interest whatsoever. After all, it was raw, thawed bread dough. I was very very wrong. Bella is a fox in a white fur coat. She had stolen 8 of my teflon little mini muffin cups full of dough and managed to eat six and leave her very colorful traces of her crime on the dining room floor. The last dough ball I managed to wrench from her teeth and one was still stuck to the cup. All in all, she ate six dough balls. It was quite a fete. She did not get in trouble (although intestine- illy she has had some residual issues) because it was my fault for putting the dough in her neck of the woods and to her it was fair game. Touché.

The day was pretty awesome. We made between six and twelve dozen of each app. Then at dusk the guys wanted to know what was for dinner. G knew better than to ask. Rich was not as smart. He lived a productive, interesting and tragically short life.


dee said...

I just caught up with the show pics(computer woes..gahhhh) How great to see your wonderful pieces up on the wall to be admired by all. Some I've never seen and how I wish I could seethem in person. Congratualtions Tommy-well deserved recognition.

Regarding this post-you'd make a fabulous caterer-or have you already done that?

Karen said...

Dang, that's a whole weekend's worth of work in one day. You deserve dinner out at the very least!