Friday, June 10, 2011

Night Owl

I think my organizational skills are getting better with age. Either that or I just forgot how to do things more efficiently and am replaying ' groundhog day' as it applies to me. Whatever. The good thing is that I am not aware of it. I realized that I go out most nights here where as in Florida, the town closes up at dusk, leaving me home. I save work to be finished so that I can do it on my butt, on my couch, with a glass (or bottle) of wine

This current night project has had a long life span and it still isn't done. Refusing to do it in the daylight, I started another project.
Getting out the overhead projector and getting all the elements ready to make a pattern bigger is a bit time consuming. I made the acetate of 'All In A Row' and projected it onto two of my slider
doors (that remain closed most of the time to protect my fabric from the sun). I decided to do several pattern enlargements while everything is in place to save on the setup time. So far, I have gotten these two done. I have two more that I am gonna draw before I start on the actual work of one of them.

I draw the pattern in taped up white paper. I now use pencil to draw because I found out that the fine point Sharpie I used on my utility door in Florida is still bearing the little black marks and probably will forever. The drawing goes to the window where it gets taped up and then I go over the pencil lines with the fine point Sharpie and assign each element a number or letter (I like to mix it up; I know, it's insane!) and then it gets flipped around so that the pattern pieces that I cut from freezer paper are going the right way (mirror image); on the back of the right side of the fabric.

And you thought you were having all the fun.

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Karen said...

Regarding those black Sharpie marks. Try a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab or rag. I love the colors on this project.