Sunday, June 12, 2011

Perfect Little Package

It seems like every time I mess with the other blog, 'Tommy Cooks' that I screw up something. Yesterday's blog wasn't there when I opened it up today and finally I figured out that I posted it to the wrong blog. Oh well, here goes.

I forgot to show you this. I happened on it last week and almost snatched it up from my friend Anne. She was gifted this.
The cover of this little gem is a paper pieced basket block. It is secured closed by cording that you tie into a bow. When it is opened up
it is just like a little book, but with felt pages that you can pin things too!!!! I love love love it.
This will be on my to do list. It is fantastic for car travel or just having a little something in your purse to do when you are playing the waiting game. I usually use the ceiling of the car as a pin cushion. This is way better. My kinda ''book"!!!!!!

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