Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Process

The remaking of 'Candyland' is well underway. I do not have the original any longer and at best the color photo is not accurate so I am going with my sense of color to pick out the colors to replicate it.
The black and white acetate is made and the color photo and then we have the traced pattern from the overhead projector that has been turned backwards for the mirror image and the parts have been labeled. There are thirty one pieces. I made the pattern pieces out of freezer paper that I traced on the window and
cut them out and ironed them onto their respective colors. These are then cut out and the seam allowance is ironed under (with the help of spray starch and a paint brush)
and taped and sewn down to the base piece of white. In Florida I used my white fabric that I use to dye but up north I do not dye (we are on septic) so I used bleached muslin instead. I think that my pima white is too thick for hand dyed fabrics to go on top of, at least for the final quilting stage. This is what I have so far. Every time I do this I learn something. I have now figured that I can mark the top and sides where the tape meets the glass and the quilt top so that I don't have to mess around each time I reapply the fabric on the window to the shapes of the pattern. I do each color at the same time. It's a lot of taking down and putting up but frankly, who cares? It's my form of exercise with an occasional nap in between. Try that, Jillian!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tute. I've been wanting to ask you for one, but figured I could just go back and read your older posts and figure it out. Can't wait to try this.