Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Show Must Go On

Here I am at the show. I got there before the bar opened and took some pictures. Actually, Micky, Patty and I had cocktails in hand and headed out to the front of the center to take this picture of me pointing at my name. We were quickly reminded by a curator that the police station was right across the street and maybe we should be a little more discreet with the beverages; we complied.
Here's a little write up they did on me from the many stories I told the powers that be, way back when. If it's hard to read you can probably click on it and make it more reader friendly.
I went to the two galleries where my work hung before the crowds blocked my shots. There are two other galleries with
women's art in it but they were no competition for me. There is a very good reason for that. They are both from way back when (Vogue Magazine covers from the early nineteen hundreds and
posters done by women from the same era. I have pictures of the Vogue covers which I will show at a later blog because
right now, it's all about me. I will have to return and take some of the poster shots as well.
The show runs for a little over three more weeks so I will be able to go a few more times.
I think I submitted 49 quilts and the gallery chose 31 of them to hang.
I had no part in the choice and that's a good thing,because I wouldn't know what to pick.
These quilts were done long before I started my newest resist work so none of
them are in this show. It was a fun evening. I had tons of my friends come as well as new friends. My fifteen minutes stretched to three hours!!!


Mechelle said...

It looks GREAT!!!!

Irene said...

Congratulations Tommy!!!! Your work looks amazing hanging in the show.

Karen said...

Congrats. I am sure it was an evening you will never forget.

Susan Turney said...

Congratulations on a beautiful show!!! How fun to see so much of your work hung!

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Hi Tommy
Is that the gallery in NW Indiana. If so let me know so I can go and see that great work in person.
Mary Ann

Brenda Gael Smith said...

Congratulations on your solo exhibit! How wonderful to have created such a body of work and to have such a venue to share it.

Robbie said...

The exhibit looks wonderful! Congrats on your '15 min'! Well deserved!

Cindra said...

Wow! Many of those I have seen through your blog work, but there were some I hadn't, but seeing them altogether is amazing!

Carol Soderlund said...

Tommy, It looks fabulous! What a great thing to see it all together. Kudos.

maggie zakka said...

wow, every piece shows beautifully in this gallery...wish i could have been there with you..maybe next year!! enjoy your 15 minutes!!!

Gayle from MI said...

These are all so great! I need to start doing things in series form or I will never wind up with a body of work. I am still just running from deadline to deadline.

carol said...

Tommy, your work looks so cohesive! And I see the piece that you were working on when I was visiting front and center in one of the shots. It's a really impressive show. You go Tommy Girl!