Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Such Trauma Drama

The surgery to take off that knob on my left pinkie has been completed. I left the house before six and drove to the surgical center. I had an iv in both hands (don't ask me why) and had to strip and do the johnnie, booties and hairnet; FOR A PINKIE !!!!!Post surgery instructions? Elevate hand for 48 hours while applying ice to it for the same amount of time. Do not take off bandage for seven days while keeping it dry and clean. It was dirty before I left the surgi center. Oh, and to get back to Indiana I devised an excellent plan. G stayed in bed for another two hours after I left the house. I parked in the surgi center lot, away from the prying eyes of the gestapo nurses. When it was time to leave, I called my beloved to pick up his bride (not too far from his work) and he did and we drove off to the remote section of the parking lot and I hopped into my car and headed home. So far I have not needed to elevate or ice (I maybe would have if I felt the need) but I have devised a cut up latex glove to keep it somewhat clean (I put the thumb part of the glove over the pinky). I came home and pretty much have been doing what I always do; answer email, blog and quilt. The only downside is that I can't use my pinky for the 'a' on the keypad. It's so padded that all the 'a's' are capitalized (the caps lock is right next to the 'a') so my typing has somewhat slowed down.
They gave me a script for vicodin but I don't take the stuff.

I was sad to take off the bracelet but it doesn't match my outfit today.


Anonymous said...

I hope your "pinkie" is in the PINK soon!

Heal thyself!!!


Irene said...

Glad everything went well. I would have preferred a pink bracelet!

Robbie said...

Do take care!! As long as you can still lift your 'glass' with the other hand you'll be fine!

dee said...

Good news Tommy -and with a minimum of trauma.