Thursday, June 16, 2011

Super Size

Here is the big appliqued version of 'All In A Row'. As you can see, I had to be a little less
creative with the colors due to the less that mega stash I have here. And the photo doesn't show that the teal colors are not as close in color as they appear. The fact that the acetate was backwards has little effect on the outcome. The new piece is not cleaned up and is full of strings that need to be cut but other than that and the facing, it is fully quilted. Oh yeah, and I haven't named it yet. Before facing the big one measures in at 33 1/2 x 45. It was a relatively simple piece compared to some with many many more components. It's funny because I had much more trouble with bias due to the larger sideways pieces and therefore the quilting was a challenge.

Bella and I are both going for a haircut today. She has been in the rain a lot and that tends to do icky to her curly locks and I have taken to cutting my own hair randomly and that has tended to do icky with my colic locks. Let's just call it a beautification day.

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