Thursday, June 09, 2011

True Blue

Check out this cutie. It's Carol Soderlund and I finally signed up for her new class 'True Colors'
and best of all, I can spend some time with Carol. Yeah!!!

Carol Soderlund maintains an active teaching schedule throughout the United States and in Canada, teaching her color mixing techniques at ProChemical & Dye in Massachusetts, Maiwa Handprint International Textile Symposium in Vancouver and Pacific Northwest Art School in Washington in addition to Nancy Crow’s Timber Fram Barn. Her award-winning quilts have been exhibited nationally and internationally in such venues as International Quilt Festival (where she was a Best of Show winner), Visions, Husqvarna Viking Masterpieces touring exhibition.

For Carol, the ability to dye any color and the increased understanding of the interaction of colors opens the door to spontaneity and intuitive use of color in her work. It is this joyful key to color she hopes to give her students. One student writes “a note to thank you for being so selfless and generous with your teaching and information. It was like a ‘no holds barred - here take it all’ in the 5 days that we are together kind of teaching.”

True Colors: Developing a Personal Palette
• Dates: September 26-30, 2011

For the dyer, the many choices of dye colors available can lead to confusion and disappointment in color outcomes. This class will help you choose the pure color that will suit you in developing your own personal palette. Carol has dyed over 80 individual palettes, which she will share with you through slide presentations, discussions, and hands-on dyeing. Brilliant yellows, passionate purples, rich reds, astounding blues and soothing greens as well as necessary neutrals will be yours to mix using Procion MX dyes.

• Please note: this class is also perfect for people who dye yarn...knitters, weavers!


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Hi Tommy
Where is the class? anywhere close to Indiana?

Valeri said...

Oh if only I could take one of her classes! You are making me sooooooo envious!

Carol Soderlund said...

Hey Tommy, That's great! I am looking forward to it! Mary, it's in Ohio, near Columbus.Check it out....

Carol Maclaskey said...

Tommy!!! You're gonna LOVE Carol's class!! I took one of her dye classes at Nancy Crow's barn about 5 years ago. She takes what is an incredibly complex formula and makes it SOOOOO easy!

Carol - (married to the ice sculptor)in Houston