Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who's Got The Button?

I was staring at my button jars. I couldn't believe the timing of my searching for matching buttons for Violets little outfits and a facebook entry while looking for my scrabble partner. In the midst of dumping them out for the seventh time I happened to spot my friend Kay's blog entry that was button themed. Check it out.
Does this make me want to run to Walmart and hit the fishing section? or does it make me exhausted and want to crawl back in bed even though I am already well into my day? The jury is still out.

I think that this kinda what I am going through right now. My days seem to be filled and I still am manic about getting at least something done in my studio because there are many things not yet accomplished that are ready and waiting. I think one minute, stop-enjoy-it's not going anywhere. The next minute I say to myself, but it's what I want to do. The quandary is still there. Maybe a compromise is in order. Allow my insanity to rear it's head so many hours a day. Like Scarlett, I will put it on hold; for as she says, tomorrow is another day.

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