Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wrap It Up

These are mini ruebens and they are one of the apps I did with Jayne last weekend. I had more of all ingredients left over (I tend to over buy) and so have been making these and mini burgers as well as the garlic cheese puffs. Oh, and I will finish the crab mac and cheese now that I found the right crab for it. My point is, I have added some of these recipes on Tommy Cooks due to popular demand and will continue to do so in a little more timely fashion. I am adding rueben construction today.
For the first shower after the procedure on my finger, I used press and sealed on entire hand up. The post op said to bag it but I thought this was smarter. It's ridiculous to think that I can keep this bandage clean and dry for a week. Not ten minutes after I got out of the shower, I inadvertently started washing my hands free of hair goo. After all that, the bandage was wet so it had to come off. I didn't even make it one day!
This is the big deal. It is so nothing that I almost feel like they had this little scheme at the surgical center and it was to make me go through all these contortions for six stitches. Now that the covering was off I air dried the finger and put on another bandage. That's what I do about a ten times a day job but it sure beats not being able to use the hand. Life is so much easier when you don't follow all the rules!


Anonymous said...

OUCH! It looks very sore. Take it easy on it today.

dee said...

Yeah, don't be crashing into things with that sore little digit. Easy girl!

Maggie said...

Mom! Be nice to your finger!

College Papers said...

Ooh !!! that's look so painful..