Thursday, July 07, 2011


Regina just left after having coffee with me and three friends of hers. RuthAnn is a close friend from Florida and she was joined by Carol, RuthAnn's sister and Stephanie, Carol's neighbor from Cleveland. They are delightful gals and are on the way into Chicago to see the sights as none of them have ever been there before.

Regina sent an email out to a bunch of us to meet up last night on a specific beach and byob and maybe an app, so that these out of town friends would think she was cool and had lots of friends. It was a beautiful night and lots of her friends did show up, including me. We did the take turns around a circle to tell a little about ourselves. I love doing that. You get insight about your friends that you didn't know before.
There was lots of hooing and hawing about the sunset
and I didn't let them know that it's pretty much the same beautiful spectacle every night.

Oh, this is kinda funny. Genie cut this out of the St. Pete paper to show me what a bad hair

day Al Pacino was having when he was being interviewed at some local establishment. She has had it laying around for two months. She wanted me to blog it. So here it is. How in the world do you get hair to look so bad?

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