Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Branson: A Thing Of The Past

The last two days just slipped through my fingers. Monday was our actual family reunion and yesterday was travel day and it's a whole days drive back home.

On thinking back on Branson, I visualize
things like this
and this mostly. I will say tho' that I did partake in some nice tours and I will share that later in the week when I have more time. The reunion took place outside in a shelter within a state park and even though it was 108ยบ, we still had a good time. There ended up to be a little over 50 at the event and we had some company come in and do the cooking. The little kids didn't seem to mind the heat, and spent their time with the water and water guns, squirting all of us. I saw cousins that for the most part, I haven't really talked to since we were little kids. We had lots of my mom's stuff and we went through it and took what we wanted, each having a special meaning for various things. It was good for some laughs and tears.

A good portion of the family is staying in Missouri for the rest of the week. Those who came from South Carolina, Florida, Texas and Colorado are making a vaca out of the get together. For us, it's back to the grind!!!! Ha ha ha.

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Irene said...

Based on those pictures, I wouldn't be rushing to visit Branson :-)

Glad you had a good time and a safe trip.