Thursday, July 21, 2011


The last quilt I showed you has been quilted and awaiting it's facing and sleeve. That's sit down work so I started the pattern making process of the second to the last resist wholecloth piece I brought back from Florida.
It's called 'Orbit' and measures 29 x 19.

The quilt, is taped on my 'light box' window with the pattern on top of it. As I start to assemble the quilt, I will place the base piece of white fabric over the pattern and then color by color, add the pieces, using the pattern on the window as a guide for placement. I usually do one color at a time to eliminate some of the thread changes.

It's another scorcher here. Yesterday it got up to 103ยบ and very humid. I love talking about the weather!!!


Corky said...

Tomme, is there somewhere where you've explained the process you're using for these resist quilts? They're really great and I'd love to know how you achieved the look.

Valeri said...

Please send us some of the warm weather you are experiencing as it barely gets above 15C here. Lovely design!