Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cut Up

I was sewing sweater parts together and my big ole fat yarn needle fell into the side crack in my loveseat cushion. I am always hesitant to stick my hand down there due to the multiple little sharp needles that have made their way down in this great divide. But my dilemma was that it was the only big fat needle I could find. So I gingerly lowered my hand into the crack and felt something metal and what did I bring up but scissors! All of these
scissors!!! I couldn't even believe it. I have been missing all my very best pairs and here they are!!! And the kicker about the whole thing is that my needle wasn't there. It had fallen on the floor!!!
Finally, I replaced the basil crop for the second half of the basil season. After I harvested and made my pesto, I went on the prowl for more plants and came up short for a couple weeks. The day after I planted the new crop the winds were so violent that I had to drag the seven pots to shelter. I was afraid that because the roots hadn't had a chance to mature, the plants would take off. I was probably right because the deck chair pillows took a tumble and I had to go out in the rain and retrieve them before they went into the lake. I was more than a little soaked. The sky is grey and threatening rain right this very minute. We had a outside double graduation party yesterday evening and the rain was supposed to come and never did. I have nothing much that I have do today so I figure I will let mother nature do my basil watering for me. Let it rain.

And it is; rain out of the west!


Karen said...

Oh how I can relate to your loveseat dilemma. I usually sit in a Lazy Boy Recliner doing my work. When I drop something into the sides, I get up and shake the chair violently until the "something" drops out! My dh always laughs and asks, what the chair did now to pi** me off!

dee said...

Since Lucy is at my house several days a week I've had to be much more careful. She is like a vacuum and will scarf up anything in her path. Yesterday she tried to eat the bathmat in my powder room. Should have known it was too quiet-crazy Corgi. She didn't eat it- just enjoyed seeing the bright blue bits floating in the air. I see another baby gate in my future

We could use some of that rain around here.