Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Food, Glorious Food

Let's talk food. I had some new hits and some old tried and true food choices this past weekend.
These will all eventually get on the food blog when I feel like taking the time to type. This crab, avacado starter was a perfect mix of lime and heat.
I gave up grilling asparagus and now just s and p them and drizzle evoo and balsamic vinegar on them and call it a day. At 425ยบ for ten minutes, they come out perfect.
This was a new recipe of a strata of eggplant, tomato, and cheese that is cooked in an earthenware crock. It was very tasty but does need to be warm or it tastes like a brother of quiche.
This stuffed and rolled chicken was the biggest hit. It was supposed to be veal but I couldn't find any veal that wasn't ground. Can you believe that? Of course, I wasn't willing to travel more than five miles but it didn't matter in the end because it couldn't have been better. The stuffing was bulk pork sausage, along with egg, milk, macadamia nuts,bread and other things and I had a lot more stuffing than I had chicken to roll around it so I made it into meatballs and served them along with the rolled bundles. It was fantastic.
And I gotta tell you, these fingerling potatoes that were roasted (peeled) and tossed with horseradish dressing were the star of the weekend food. They were a pain to peel tho', I gotta tell you. There are so many bumpy parts that it took the love of a mother, sister, wife and sister in law to finish up peeling the three pounds. I could have made six pounds and they would have been eaten. They get crunchy in the oven if peeled.

We did the Chicago style hot dogs, and distributed a hundred or so to beach and street people.

Here is Micky giving Violet her first whiff of the Vienna Beef dog on a poppy seed bun with onions, green relish, sport peppers, tomatoes and mustard with a dill spear and celery salt. Had she teeth, she may have even taken a bite. She sure liked the smell!!!

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spikemuffin said...

Micky did that child a great service.