Saturday, July 23, 2011

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

This is the original 'Orbit' once again. It is painted with fabric paints

and a glue gel resist.
This is how far I am on the appliqued larger twin. It was pointed out to me that what I do with these remakes isn't really piecing, which is what I have been calling them. It is actually machine appliqueing. I believe the Caryl Fallert calls it appli-piecing. I learned the process of making pattern pieces out of freezer paper and then using spray starch, a paint brush and an iron to turn the seam allowance under from Caryl. Also, the use of scotch tape rather than pins to hold down the pieces in order to sew them down as pristine as possible is a Caryl technique. I forget sometimes to give credit to the instructors I have had in the past that I owe so much of my work ethic to. I have learned and forgotten so much but what I have retained has been very good to me!!!!

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