Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Still Hot

I couldn't get on blogger yesterday. I kept getting error messages and after I while I lose interest. These two pictures were in the queue from yesterday and are already a bit dated.
The big 'Orbit' piece was completely appliqued and pinned for quilting yesterday and now it has been quilted. I am going to get it trimmed and ready for it's facing and then, the closeup!!!
This little hoodie for Violet was on the design wall yesterday for a little blocking but now it is completed, folded up and put away. It is too large for her yet. G saw her a couple days ago and when he got home I asked what she had on and he said some sort of smock. Do you even believe that? I wanted details and pictures!!!!

Kathy, my friend from Florida and New York is flying in today for a visit. Her daughter is joining us from Savannah tomorrow. The original purpose for the visit was that we were all joining my daughter and other friends for a Dolly Parton concert. That is still the plan but I am guessing that we will have a few other events up our sleeve. Maybe a beach party to show her off?

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