Friday, July 22, 2011

Kris Kringla

This is a one time confession; I watch the Batchelor and the Batchelorette. There, I have said it. While previews were on this past Monday I noticed a design that caught my eye and reran the segment. I froze it and photographed it.
This lighted shape in a Thailand garden is quite a beautiful design. It would make a fine quilt and in fact,
it reminds me of this stained glass one that I have worked on for five years that is being slowly hand quilted. I have to remember to grab this to work on every now and then. Maybe it should be left in the car and when I am a passenger with nothing to do, this would fill the bill. Yep, that's what I am gonna do.

I decided to make a care package for my brother because he has been mentioning kringla repeatedly for the last three weeks. I made him the pretzel'ish shaped cookie that my paternal grandmother used to make for us, and I think my mom did too. My grandmother Mooey (pronounced moo e ) was full blooded Norwegian and I believe the kringla came from an old family recipe. They are very delicate and soft and pale and not very sweet. I will post the recipe on Tommy Cooks.

Bill got his overnighted box with a few dozen cocoa pink cupcakes and kringla. I had sent them in a Crate and Barrel box and when UPS brought the box he just sat it on the dining room table, awaiting the return of his vacationing wife, assuming she had purchased something. Later, something caught his eye (maybe his name on the box and our return address? Duh.) and a delighted brother called a delighted sister in thanks (and what sounded like a mouthful of something).


Anonymous said...

The Kringla is one good cookie thing. I probably have enough to last the summer, unless I get very hungry. The cocoa pinks have everything I like, cake, chocolate and nuts. I am in hog heaven.

Miracles said...

You have my address!!