Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ode to 'To Market, To Market'

I sure do like a surprise and a surprise I got in the mail a couple days ago. Robbie, who was one of the 16 who participated in our group quilt, sent me a commemoration booklet. The front
page is a picture of the finished quilt with the names of each of the participants at their respective rectangle. 'To Market, To Market' is the name of the group quilt.
There was a lovely personal letter on the inside and Robbie made 15 fabric cards
and put them in order in the book and labeled them on the back.
Can you imagine what a treat it was to receive this? The only card that was made other than Robbie
was the one made by Gayle and I think she wanted to do it herself because she is the gal who will eventually end up with the finished quilt.
The quilt is still here where I put it together and is waiting for the yeah or nay from Houston. If it gets accepted to the show in the fall, Gayle will have to wait until the shows end to receive it. If it doesn't make the cut, she will be getting it by the end of this month. If I remember correctly, the jurying will commence by the end of July.

Robbie, I love my book. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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Robbie said...

Glad you like your 'book', Tommy! We all appreciated the work you did in spearheading the project and putting our efforts into a wonderful quilt!! Fingers and toes are crossed for a 'yea' from Houston!