Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seventh Inning Stretch

We had a very exciting day yesterday. My visiting friend (Kathy, who is in witness protection and therefore chooses not to be photographed) introduced me to her grandpuppy, Peggy.
Kim, Kathy's daughter caught up with us and brought this amazing dog with her. If you will notice, Peg is missing a leg. (Get it, Pegleg?). Peg was a street dog and had been gathered up to euthanize when a rescue person spotted her and took her to a shelter where they found that her hair was so long and matted that it had bent and fractured her leg in several places. Her facial hair was growing into her eyes. They took the leg and cleaned her up and now she is the sweetest and most loving dog you could ask for. She's a tiny little thing, maybe seven pounds, and Kim has to keep her weight down anyway because of the missing leg. They think she is a miniature because she is half the size of a regular shih tzu.
We had a beach party so that Kathy and Kim could meet some of my Indiana friends. We had lots of good food which I neglected to photograph. Bad me.

In the meantime, our little budda baby, Violet,
went to her first White Sox game. She was particularly enamored with the ribbons on her
bonnet. She lasted for seven innings, which is longer than I do! Her grand uncle John used his connections as a retired Chicago cop and a Chicago Cubs rent a cop to
procure this very special document. I believe they said something about having a copy framed and put in a very prominent place in the Stadium Club. It's only right.

Another great day is upon us. We are going to see Dolly!


Gayle from MI said...

She looks more than warm! What a sweetie pie!

Jackie said...

I just saw your work on Frieda Andersen's blog and it is phenomenal!