Monday, July 18, 2011

The Sinkable

Before it is a blur in my memory I wanted to tell you about a couple attractions that we saw in Branson. The Body Human has probably been everywhere by now but it is worth seeing. What they can do with plastic resin is amazing.

The one thing that I LOVED was the Titanic Museum. When you get in the queue
to enter (around this pagoda style building; what's up with that?) you are given a boarding pass (a handful of boys and a handful of girls) and they have a name of someone on the ship. You go through the whole museum looking for any glimpses of your name. You find out in the end if you survived (some 800 made it) or perished (some 1400 didn't). My name was Alma PĂ„lsson and I was a third class passenger with four children, leaving from Sweden to see my husband who has been away in Chicago (of all places) for two years. I, being the rocket scientist, realized that after comparing notes with the six of us who went together, that they only give out the names of the survivors. Makes sense I guess. Anyway, there were 109 children aboard the Titanic.
There were ten dogs that were on the maiden voyage.
My SIL was a passenger who traveled with a miniature pig (I want one!!!) who survived and later wrote a book about the pig on the Titanic.

They had a pool of water the temperature of the water the night of the sinking and also a big ole' block of ice, depicting the icebergs. They even had a deck with the temperature of the outside air the night of the big boats first and last crossing of the Atlantic.

It was very worthwhile and although I wouldn't go to Branson just to go and see it, if you happen to find yourself there, give it a look see.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm the SIL with the pig. I wanted to buy "my" book, but thought better of it, but still may on Amazon. If you noticed the few pictures of the exhibit (and there are more)my SIL Tommy posted were taken after we were told "No cameras". So my other SIL, Mike and I covered for her as she photographed her way through the exhibit! Nothing stops this roving reporter!