Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time Change

This is something that I still can't believe. I went to South Bend, Indiana, to pick up my friend Kathy who flew in from Syracuse, New York, ona puddle jumper of Delta's. She had sent me her itinerary and it said that the plane got in at 1:12 p.m. I am about five minutes into the drive when I get a call from her and she said, 'where are you?' and I said that I was on the way to pick her up. She said she had landed and been there for awhile. Well, we were flummoxed (first time I have ever in my life typed that word). After a bloody mary in the airport on Kathy's side and a bobble head trip to the airport on mine, we finally, after a call or two, found out that even tho' the airport is around a half hour from my house and in the same state, it is in the eastern time zone rather than the central zone that is where I call home. Very odd. But now I know.

We had a great day and today Kim, Kathy's daughter arrives. We are going to have a dinner party (hot dogs, salads; very fancy)

and the best oatmeal cookie that you have ever tasted. It will appear soon on Tommy Cooks.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Tommy, most of Indiana is on EST or EDT depending on the time of the year. You are in one of the "odd" counties b/c you are so close to Chicago. The same situation exists around Evansville Indiana where their citizens wish to stay on the same time zone as Illinois.

spikemuffin said...

No Limo service in Indiana?

Miracles said...

Time zones throw me off. My parents
called me at 11pm on New Years Eve to wish me a Happy New Year. I could hear family celebrating in the background. Yet, I had an entire hour before it was the new year for me!