Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's On Your Deck?

After getting home from our short trip, I realized that my sandals were on the ripe side. You can only take so much 100º weather without sweaty feet and mine were just that.
So, I gathered them all up yesterday and threw them in the wash. When they were clean I put them out on the deck to dry. My shoes are all the same, as Irene noticed. I wear orthotics and I found these Bostonian/Clark sandals four years ago at the outlet mall and my orthotics fit in it so I bought all I could find. For 22 years prior to the FIND I never wore sandals; now I don't take them off. I was gonna pitch them last year because they were so dirty from everything, mostly sunscreen, and thought what the heck, try and wash them. They turn out almost brand new. Anyway, while I was laying out the shoes I started to look at the basil plants and realized that they were starting to kinda cease up or for a better term maybe they were starting to shrink. I don't know why that happens but sometimes without even flowering they just start to look lighter in color and sharper in features and shrink.
Harvesting basil for pesto was clearly not the plan for the day but it needed to be done because 8 cups of basil takes considerably more leaves as the plant ages. Back in the day when I started making pesto I was unsure as to whether I should measure the leaves first and wash and dry after or wait until it was washed and dried and then measure. I thought through the recipe and it never said to use 4 c. stemmed and cleaned basil so I now take the leaves off the plant and put 8 cups in my monster measuring cup and then lie the whole cup on a towel, in line for the washing in the sink.
Consider this first group (it's as much as the table will hold) as sun bathers. I lay the wet basil on a towel (I use lots of old towels for this) and spread the 8 cups (that's the amount I use for each food processor recipe) out and every now and then I scatter the leaves to make sure all of them get dry. That is where they are right now.

Today is pesto day.

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Irene said...

I couldn't help but notice all your sandals are the same - just different colours. They must be comfortable or you wouldn't keep buying them. What make are they?

Mmmmmmm the pesto will be yummy!