Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Who's Behind Those Foster Grants?

This is our version of Lolita.

I can safely say that a bulk of the weekend holiday was taken up in the discussion of what Violet was
going to wear and when. There needed to be a parade outfit, a beach outfit, and the consensus wasn't always the same.
Of course, because she had many (seven) 4th of July outfits, she managed to stay cleaner than
normal. This is the back of the dress so that the ruffles hit her right in the butt. This ended up being her parade outfit.
This white and slightly patriotic number never got worn.
This ended up to be most popular only to be taken off her almost immediately because it was too wide.
This little romper was worn most of Sunday.
Last but not least was this more subtle blue and white outfit that will have to wait to be worn.


Anonymous said...

Did you make all of these???

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Too much fun!

judy said...

Holy Moly!!!! You were busy making outfits!!! They were all wonderful. You accomplish much, much more than I could hope to in a day. Gotta tell ya, you inspire me. Judy

dee said...

Best photo yet!!
Gorgeous wardrobe. Nice work Tommy

Miracles said...

I'm exhausted from looking at all the outfits you made. miss ya!