Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Notification came yesterday that our 16 part group quilt made it into the International Quilt Festival (which sounds so much more special than what I normally call it: Houston). Kudos to all you super gals that participated in its creation. Now I just need to read the 20 pages on shipping the quilt to them. It usually takes multiple reads for me to understand what they are actually saying. It is one of the reasons that I don't submit to shows much anymore. It seems hardly worth all the hassle. Plus, I don't think I need the validation that I used to. I like to do what I am doing and that's pretty much what it's all about. But back to the group quilt thing. I think we need to do that again. My only problem with doing it on a regular basis is that I don't know how to get the photo large enough to split it into so many parts without distorting the color (making it fuzzy). If I can figure that out or someone can figure that out for me, I will be good to go again. I really should contact someone in the know. Way back when I was a regular Simply Quilts watcher (long since cancelled), there were quilters on it that enlarged photos on a regular basis. Maybe it's my small town local reprographic place. They look at me like I am nuts when I ask them to do certain things. Maybe a visit to the big city and a Kinko's is in order.

Calling all knitters!! I am making a hoodie shrug for my Vi from a freebie pamphlet that I got at the knitting aisle of Joann's.

I have never made anything like this in my life. There aren't separate sections. You bind off and cast on, all the while keeping at least half the piece on the circular needles and kinda go around in a circle. It sure beats sewing seams which is my most hated thing to do. I would rather unload the dishwasher than sew a knitted seam. Those of you that REALLY know me, realize that this is quite a statement. The only part that is separate is the hoodie and it is still on my needles, almost complete. I have no idea whether this will fit her because I am bad at gauges and pretty much MAKE IT FIT and that doesn't always work. I will persevere as always and change the counts the next time I make it if this time doesn't work out. It's very easy tho' so I am hoping it's a good fit.

It has been hotter here by Lake Michigan than it is in Southwest Florida. What's up with this weather?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and the group! Too bad Gayle will have to wait to get the finished quilt though.

Miracles said...

Hats off to the quilters!
The shrug is adorable.

Margie said...

How great to go to Huston! You all did wonderful work.
Re a previous post, The Pioneer Woman sends photos someplace that enlarges them and they are "hangable" art. If I weren't lazy I could look on her site, but...
We are expecting our first greatgrand. They are sure it is a boy but I am hoping for a girl.

Karen said...

BIG CONGRATS to you and the rest of the group. What an honor! Love the shrug. Maybe V will need a new outfit to go with the shrug (wink)

Robbie said...

You need to let us know so we can chip in for shipping (to and from the show!)...keep us posted Tommy!!!