Saturday, August 06, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

Michael Dinges uses a Dremel tool to engrave the surfaces of current objects and materials similar to the maritime practice of scrimshaw, the engraving of whale bones or teeth, which was started in the mid-1700’s. I had the pleasure of seeing his work last week at the Chicago Cultural Center.
These are old Mac laptops that he carved into.
You can see from this view that they are indeed the real thing.
They have the apple in the center. I am guessing that he used this brand of laptop because they come in white, therefore being more like the whale bones or teeth.
I find the attention to detail quite striking.
This is the last picture I took before I was told that there was no picture taking. It was not posted at all. This is a regular boat that was hanging from the ceiling. You can check out other work by Michael here.

There were many exhibitions but this one and Rita O"Hara's paintings were my favorite. Check her work out. It is amazing. All of her work titles come from lines of Emily Dickinson's poetry.

There are floors and floors of art but I was particularly taken by this bookcase

in the reading room. How do they do that and still access a book? Maybe they are cubbies.

Oh, and one more thing, they have an wonderful program within the walls of the CCC called Project Onward, for the mentally and physically challenged. They have a store right off their art studio where you can purchase some of their work. It seems to be very rewarding and I was taken by the scope of their talent. Check it out.


dee said...

that bookcase looks...ahem...too familiar.
Beautiful work on the computer lids.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Loved the bookcase.
It made me wonder where I could do that with one of mine.
then I realized it is exactly what I have done with the magazine bookcase!