Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Cleanup

My current company, also visiting under cover (just like Kathy and witness protection), are leaving me today but I have my quilting pals and my sis coming tomorrow, replacing any temporary gloom I may have. I have threatened to clean the studio and today just might be that day. Bella is getting her hair done and other than a little grocery shopping and the library, I haven't a care in the world. Oh, and I am thinking a hot dog for lunch.

I do have to rush into the city for an 8:30 a.m. doctors appointment tomorrow so will be gone long before I could blog. It is my yearly internal checkup and I miss my coffee so don't like to postpone the 'nothing after midnight to eat or drink' aspect of blood work. I hope I make it home before my friends arrive.

The studio is totally trashed. It started with showing fellow artists this and that and tricks of the trade and leaving everything out and piled. Even my quilts up stairs are all in a bundle and have been for more than a week.
This last resist copied, appliqued quilt is quilted and just waiting for me to finish the facing and sleeve.

The plan after that was to redo this older quilt, 'Something's Fishy', that I did raw edge applique on and always hated the messy technique of it.

It's about 48" square and when I originally did it, I had dyed the background for just that purpose. And background fabric was wider than the normal PFD. I don't have any of that wide fabric here because I don't dye here. So the dilemma is, do I start this piece without the proper background or order dye (it's all in Florida) and get some wider fabric (I do have muslin) and do another background? My first thought was to use some watery colored hand dyed in my stash and just make the
acetate copy of the black and white smaller to accommodate a smaller background. That is where my brain is right now. I will think on it further.

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Miracles said...

My suggestion....wait until you get to Florida so I can learn in your studio down here.