Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Designing Women

Let's venture back to Chicago. First up, Maria and Violet for lunch.
Maria was a lovely sight, all smiles and sunshine. Violet has made some big strides. She has a tooth and almost two, can sit up and as of Monday, can crawl. This not so good photo was one of many many, trying to get a shot of her teeth. The tongue always wanted to be in the picture. She is losing her hair and the new growth is much lighter, almost blond. She has the rosy disposition of her mother. She lets nothing get her down and she is the busiest girl I have ever met.
After leaving the girls, Kathy, Kim and I went on the architectural tour of Chicago. It is about 90 minutes long and tours the river that weaves in and out of the city. Most people don't even know or are unaware of the Chicago River. You can get a taste for the diverse architecture and lots of little known facts. I have been on it many times and every time it is a new experience.
Oh, lets go back to Maria's neighborhood. We walked from the restaurant to CVS ( for new sunglasses, of which I lost the last pair) and happened on a clothing store. I first thought it was costumes and I think that came to mind because of the colors and Violet being very attracted to them. On closer inspection, and with the aid of a guy who came out of the store to the rolling rack on the sidewalk, we found out that this is a one of a kind store by an up and coming Chicago designer.
Hummmm. Other than that, I am speechless.
I shall end the blog with Kathy and Kim leaning on a very attractive leg of Marilyn, who is visiting the city for a while herself!!!


Anonymous said...

That "designer" should specialize in diner waitress uniforms!

Irene said...

I think that little blue number would be perfect for your bowling team :-)

Anonymous said...

Designer my foot! Does he get his ideas out of his great gramma's clothes wait, he has been thrifting. Ah well!

Gayle from MI said...

That baby is way too cute! I can't wait for newest one this month. We hope any way.

Miracles said...

I just LOVE is picture of Violet Jane.