Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Different Kind of Chili

I have been trying to fix the location of the sidebar for hours. All the stuff that was on the side of the blog is now at the bottom. I have no idea how it happened because where the error is is some place I never go into. It's all that gobbledegook that is a foreign language to me. I am plugging away at it tho'. You can always go down to the bottom to get archives or Tommy Cooks, or just google it and it will come up in the first couple hits.

Today I finished a new chili. It is made with the same turkey as my red chili but has a combination of navy and northern beans
and swiss chard. I added extra red pepper flakes and chili powder so it has a bit of a kick, which G and I both love. I am assembling shepherds pies to freeze and stuffed cabbage rolls. I think with the lasagna I made yesterday, along with chicken spaghetti, green sauce enchiladas, spaghetti pie and orzo beef filled bell peppers. I have pretty much filled the freezer. I put the word out that any of the family that want to take food home with them next weekend, should come armed with a cooler. My work is almost done.

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