Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Don't Wash The Mushrooms

Now that my solo show is no longer hanging, I thought I would go and visit and see what replaced me for the next three months. It is the work of Melissa Jay Craig, who creates illusions with her hand made paper.
One whole room that took up probably twenty of my quilts is now filled with these
mushroom books on pedestals? That's what I am calling them. I have to give it to this art center, Lubeznik Center For The Arts because they
don't feel the need to cram a bunch of stuff in a room, but rather make it fun and eye appealing.
Of course, you want to touch everything you see so they graciously have a pile of the paper remnants for us to manhandle to our hearts content.
These other pieces are the ones that I liked.
This grouping took up a whole wall and
here are the closeups of them. They have little cup shapes
on the top, sort of like flower parts. It is a lovely replacement for my work. I still don't know why they didn't keep my show a permanent one, but then they don't do that. An exception possibly?

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