Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hello Dolly

Hello there. Long time without blogging. I took my computer on my trip but refused to pay $12.95 for 24 hours and so I ended up sending the computer home with Regina, who had to leave us before all the sight seeing and fun were concluded. We had a marvelous time and saw so many sights that I could fill a month of blogs with all my amazing pictures. I promise I will limit myself to a select three thousand.

There were eight of us who met up for
Dolly. Yes, that's her in white! Three fourths of my pictures turned out this way and I don't know why. Probably the lighting changing all the time and the intense use of sequins and rhinestones that our dear Dolly is known and loved for. And I didn't take my 35 mm and she is like a whirling dervish and that lead to many blurry pictures. Lots of the silhouettes of Dolly reminded me of that girl on the mud flaps of trucks. You know the one I mean?
Before we even considered where our seats were, we happened on this poltergeist mini replica walking around the lobby. It was a scary sight. She even had large boobs (for her size) which I am sure were completely enhanced by Charmin or maybe Northern or Scott.
The question comes to mind; what is her mother like?
Dolly looks like a barbie doll. She is an amazing singer. At 65, she can hold a note as good as she ever could. I find that astonishing. Many other singers have not been so lucky with aging and their voice.
She played the guitar, banjo, piano, mouth organ and lots of other things that I don't even know the name of. They are country instruments that she grew up with. She has been married for 45 years to the same guy.
This is probably the best picture of her face that I managed to get. This red number was her only costume change, as compared to the Cher concert I saw in Vegas a couple years ago that had more than 12.
We all had a bit of an issue with this outfit. It was fringe capri's and the crotch fringe was very odd looking every time she moved. The wonder woman, circus/weightlifting belt was an issue too. I guess we had to find something to pimp about the concert because there could be no issue with her singing.

I have always been a nut magnet. If there is a room of thirty and one nut in the bunch, that nut would glom onto me. If someone was acting up or whatever, it would be by me.

This couple was my Dolly nuts. Everyone in the theatre stayed sitting at all the appropriate times except these two that were RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! They were screaming and clapping and swaying and chanting and all around being pains in the ass. Oh well, it gave us

something to talk about for drinks after!

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Nut magnet?
I remember the art opening in New Smyrna Beach!