Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Am Resolute

I hate this time in the summer when you have to trim back the annuals or they start to get
leggy and top heavy. I have gone to water and cut these petunias down on more than one occasion and couldn't do it. I got up this morning resolute and marched into the kitchen for the work scissors and a bag and
performed the much needed trim. This operation has not always gone successful. Sometimes the plants just kind of die off. Here's hoping that it's not gonna happen this year.

This is the week I have set aside for organizing and rearranging in the studio.

I have two drawers that' are about 18"deep and 30" wide full of scraps; one commercial and one hand dyed. I use the commercial for scrap quilts and so will attempt to die cut them up this week. The dyed fabrics are gonna have to be mulled over, as to their eventual fate. There are shelves that need to be moved, crap that needs to be thrown away or given away. I want to feel like the most organized person in the world, come Friday. Ha! We shall see!!!

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