Friday, August 05, 2011

In The Studio

Yesterday I made an exceptional meal that was based on one that my son makes. It is enchiladas with green chilies, cream cheese, and green chile sauce instead of a red sauce. It was very good and G loved it, suggesting that I add one more little can of chopped green chiles to it. After I get the recipe down to perfection, I will post it on Tommy Cooks.
This quilt is already quilted and I am almost finished with the facing, which is a nighttime tv job.
I finished the applique on the larger piece yesterday and even had time to

pin it. I will probably get into the quilting this weekend, in between happenings. This is the last of the eleven resist pieces that were started in Florida. It is not the last resist work I will do tho'. I am just taking a breather from it.

Up next? Start working on this year's Christmas pillows, redo my 'Something's Fishy' quilt. I have always been less than pleased with the construction of it and want to redo it without using raw edge applique like I did in the original. Oh, and clean the studio!!

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