Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Training

I was giddy after visiting a nearby Salvation Army store. I wanted to go on Sunday but they didn't answer the phone and then the light went on in my head, about the Sabbath and all. I have been involved in the past with the Army, at the holidays mostly but had never gone into the store. I was so surprised at the quantity of the stuff they had. I guess the only time I go to resale is for a specific thing which usually isn't there to begin with. I have to admit that Goodwill had peeked my interest with the half off Saturday. Big deal. We spent an hour there and came up with this.

Two reds, two greys and a black and white. Very sad pickins' indeed. Fifteen minutes of Salvation Army shopping and I had more in my arms than I could carry.
Skirts (the larger the better) and plus size blazers and sweaters gave my happy goose bumps.
There was so much there that I actually put some back. And the colors? Fab. I know me, and I get going on the prep for a new crafting adventure and I have more stuff than I could ever use in my life. I still smile when I think of my purchases, even knowing that the next process is up and down the stairs to the laundry room, all the while thinking I could be playing scrabble with Nancy. And although I did pay more for these, nothing was over $5 and they gave me the senior discount, tragically without asking me if I qualify. I mulled this over in my mind and quickly decided that they give it to everyone that they are sure are out of a training bra. Ya think?


Miracles said...

Turquoise, hot and cool pinks....awesome colors for your felted project.

dee said...

what a haul! The dolls look adorable and so many ways to make them unique...FUN

tomhry said...

A unique contribution so perfect. I dream I will also do this after a good