Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let'er Rip

I have spent the morning looking for the needle that I was using last. The thread was in the work but not the needle. A couple of hours have passed and finally I took out the cushions of my love seat in the studio and found many needles. After I have vacuumed the floor to perfection, I will claim one of the found needles for the last lost one. I am always afraid that Bella will step on one. It hasn't happened yet and I don't want it to in the future. This is not a good segue but I don't know how many times I have gone to bed with a pin pinned on my clothing and never got stuck. How does that happen?
My wool garments have been washed once or twice and I have now started the deconstruction of them, taking out zippers, shoulder pads and the like. It is time consuming to be sure.
This sweet little plant was at the flower section of my local grocery store. It is about eight inches tall and the base (flower pot width) is three inches. It almost looks fake but it isn't.
The top flowers are like little half pompoms.
The bottom new growth are like little tiny gold balls. Anyone know anything about this? I bought it and it had nothing with it but the price tag. It was pricey; $8.99, but I couldn't resist.

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Anonymous said...

Does the little plant smell like chives?