Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rain and Shine!!!

Micky and I went out in the pouring rain to do our stint in the admission trailer for the yearly art fair. It was raining buckets but thankfully we were under cover. Half way through our assigned time, the rain stopped and the sun started to peek out, and it stayed out for the rest of the day!! But alas, Micky and I left our umbrella's in the ticket trailer and so will have to attend the fair again today to retrieve them.

The kids got to have some relaxing time on the beach and deck, while sipping on a new favorite concoction, a Ginger Rogers, which is a gin variation of a mojito. They are perfect for a summer day. I don't usually have what I call hard stuff but I did have a couple and they were the bomb. Even Regina came over to try out the new drink and did a little dance while sipping. The name is a bit sketchy so all you menfolk need to get over that and get in touch with your feminine side.
It was a perfect sunset.
Dinner consisted of old favorites and these two new ones. These are Shrimp Puff's from Season 2 of Next Food Network Star. I followed the recipe to the letter but in the future, will change up the refrigerator biscuits for very thin puff pastry. I found that the were a bit doughy. The guys liked it and the girls would have preferred a lighter pastry.
If you make nothing for the rest of the year you have to make this cake. It is deliriously wonderful. It is called Sticky Toffee Date Cake. The recipe makes two (and that's just crazy) so make it for a crowd or do what I did; share with a friend.

I can't believe that last week a Next Food Network Star was chosen and this morning he will already air his first show. He is Jeff Mauro, The Sandwich King. Of course, he is from Chicago. His motto is 'make anything into a sandwich and make a sandwich into anything', He seems like star material.

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dee said...

Glad you got in a nice day and the food is looking fabulous. Can't wait to try the Ginger Rogers. The kids are bringing over Gin later..woohoo

I missed his premier program but I'm sure they will run it 5 million times again. Love a good sandwich. Especially ones eat over the kitchen sink!
The Pioneer Woman's show starts on the 27th(I think) and I'm waiting to see what she comes up with. I do love her recipes. Her husbands favorite cowboy sandwich is a fav of the guys around here and I love her asian noodle salad. Just the perfect summer dinner meal for me, although I throw in some nice big grilled shrimp.