Friday, August 26, 2011

More Food

I got up in the middle of the night to put this turkey breast into the oven. I have been making one type of casserole each day and today is the crowd favorite; turkey tetrazzini. I will post the recipe later. It freezes beautifully.

I have made orzo beef stuffed peppers (the peppers are getting very cheap) and green sauce enchiladas. They are already in the freezer.

I had company for dinner last night and made some new stuff. I made Paula Deen's Peach Cobbler but didn't like it as much as others so that won't go on the list. I made Chicken Saltimbocca and it was amazing. I will post how I made it also. I took parts of several recipes and made it a little differently because I wanted the bulk of the meal to be done ahead of time.
I also made a first. I took butter lettuce and topped it with my fresh tomato bruschetta and added small pieces of hard salami. It was quite good.

Something is wrong with my blog site. I am missing the whole sidebar. I have put my blog master Melody on the job and she can't figure out it's disappearance either. She has me in a 'do nothing' mode, hoping that blogger is fooling around and will come to their senses soon.

Today looks like a perfect day.

I just did something I never do; I looked at the blog after I typed it. The side bar is back. Forget all that business about it being gone; it was just a Thursday thing!

I am back again. I just looked at it again and it was gone. Very strange.

I did it again and when I add something like this line to the blog and publish it, the sides are there but when I close up my blog and reopen it, the sidebar is gone. I am going crazy!

I will have to get my guru onto this mystery!!


wpritchett said...

Tommy, the sidebar is gone this morning from my view! It has been gone for several days.

Nancy said...

Not on my computer either!

Miracles said...