Thursday, August 04, 2011

Navy, Lima or Cannelloni

Probably the newest attraction in Chicago is Millennium Park. I got a chance to show it off this past weekend. If my brain is not failing me, I think it was supposed to be opened at the turn of the century but it was not completed until years later.

This is an overview that I got from google images. I didn't have the opportunity to helicopter over it for a picture so this will have to do. The snake like shiny thing connects this park to Grant Park. The diamond shapes on the grass are actually structures that hold lights and
speakers for the outdoor theater.
Here is a closeup of the pavilion itself. Chicago is always surrounded by flowers.
There are two brick twin fountains that have all sorts of rain and squirt possibilities. There were tons of kids running around and getting wet when we were there. This is an internet photo because the computer generated faces that change weren't on the waterfalls when we were there and they really make them cool. Probably computer error; why should we be the only ones that suffer!!!

Aaahhhh. The bean as we call this structure that is actually called the Cloud Gate. I took this picture as we were approaching so I should be reflected somewhere on the bean.
This is Kathy, Kim and me looking up at the bean while snapping a photo.
These are a couple shots that I just took under the bean. Every time you move, just like a
kaleidoscope, the picture changes. It is very very cool. There were kids holding hands and then putting their hands on the bean and it made a complete circle. I was very impressed.
Those are random people in front of the bean but I wanted you to see how it reflects the cityscape. I bought a book on the park to get the skinny on everything but have yet read it although I did notice the cover was of the bean without a sole around it. I bet that was a hard thing to accomplish!!!!

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